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Jazz5 Elegance - Spray Aroma Mist Humidifier is the perfect Christmas gift! 

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JAZZ5 ELEGANCE Spray Aroma Mist Humidifier

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We are Jazz5: For home and beauty, newly established brand and part of FocusChina Aps, based in Aarhus. We aim to improve the lives of the Danes by making their work and home environment healthier.



At the time of central heating, perfect thermal insulation and lots of electrical appliances that generate heat and swirl dust, the air is not as humidified as it is naturally. The ideal humidity for living a quality life is 40 to 60%. If we grow plants at home (especially popular tropical species), it should be even more. 


Lack of humidity can cause a lot of trouble. These include, for example, dry, dehydrated to chapped skin and sore lips, irritation of the nasal mucous membranes, dry cough and, in extreme cases, seizures may cause impaired breathing. Dry air does not do well to your eyes as well - it can cause irritation, tearing and drying. Humidifiers help to reduce allergy and asthma.



Because we are amazed by Japanese perfect skin and the biggest beauty breakthroughs in recent years come from South Korea and Japan, we have decided to start a cooperation with specialized Asian companies operating worldwide for 15 years.


Our new products are strictly controlled, both in quality and production process level control and they got 6 certificates, including ISO9001:2008, GS, CE, CB, ROHS, PSE, KC, cETL and FDA. Humidifiers are not only super quiet but they have a lot of great functions, such as warm mist up to 35°c, aroma, ionizer, and air purifying. 

Sources: Koster, Leanne (2016): Indoor humidity and your family's health



INCUBA, Aabogade 15

8200 Aarhus N


*Free parking behind the INCUBA building


Tel.: +45 31 77 66 18

Email: info@jazz5.dk

CVR: 31851831

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