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  • JAZZ5 MINI Compact size humidifier

    Portable humidifier with compact size. Humidification at any time and everywhere—

    office, hotel, home, business trip...etc. Compatible with any standard spring water and soda bottles. Auto shut off protection when the water storage is empty. Don't worry about germ and bacteria in the water storage. Always fresh & clean mist. Ultrasonic technology, very quiet!

    • Specification

      Power: 13 W

      Transpiration: 50 ML/H

      Coverage Area: 10 M2

      Noise Level: ≤35 db (A)

      Size: 11,5 *11,5 * 7,5 cm.

      Weight: 0.57 KGS

      Three Years Warranty


    • Clearing and Maintenance

      Cleaning in the sink (once a month):

      If there is limescale in the sink, please use a soft cloth to wipe, dampened with water. And then rinse with clean water.


      Humidifier external cleaning:

      After rinsing the soft cloth in warm water below 40, wiped off the surface.


      Atomizer cleaning:

      If there is limescale on the surface of the atomizer, wipe it with a cotton swab, then rinse it with water to achieve cleaning. Special tips: remove limescale, better with mixing the vinegar or lemon water.

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