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  • JAZZ5 SKY Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

    JAZZ5 ultrasonic air humidifier and essential oil diffuser uses a ventilation system that enables the diffusion of cool, perfumed air, in line with the principles of aromatherapy. This cool vapour emerges from the diffuser nozzle in the form of a light, scented mist. The diffuser combines two functions. It can be used as a normal humidifier to combat dry air or be used as an aromatherapy unit to counter bad odors.


    • Specification

      Power: 30 W (+/-20%)

      Capacity: 2.4 L

      Transpiration: 300 ML/H (+/-20%)

      Coverage Area: 20-25 M2

      Continuous working hours: +/-8 hours at continuous diffusion at 300ml/h per full container.

      Noise Level: ≤35 db (A)

      Size: 31*16*14 CM

      Weight: 0.97 KGS

      Three Years Warranty


    • Clearing and maintenance

      • Before cleaning, please cut off electricity.
      • Lift water tank away and pour off remaining water in mainframe.
      • Use a soft brush or cloth to clean water tank.
      • Use a soft brush to clean water line inductor. Do remove all scale and make it clean.
      • Use clear water to clean tank.
      • Strictly prohibit change transducer, which may cause no mist production.
    • Selling traits

      Selling Traits

      • A number of color choice, novel and unique design
      • Automatic protection in the shortage of water, safe to use
      • The amount of spray be adjusted freely in accordance with the needs
      • Adopt ultra-silence structure to eliminate the noise, suitable for senior citizens and babies.
      • It can be used as an aroma dispenser when a few drops of diluted essential oil added.
      • Perfect aroma diffusing