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MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask Rose

The most popular and best steam mask on the market. Available in several different scents or fragrance free.

Self-heating masks gently release itchiness, tension and relax computer strained or sleep deprived eyes.

It's as comfortable as a bath. The mask temperature is about 40 degrees and it lasts approximately 20 minutes.


Our tip: You can apply face cream or eye cream before using the mask - it will lead to better absorption and shiny skin. 

  • Usage

    • The mask warms up just by opening the package. It takes a very short time to heat up, so you can put it on right away.
    • How? Simply open the pack when ready to use and slip over closed eyes. The mask has two loops for your ears, so it stays on easily.
    • Lean back and keep eyes shut for 15-20 minutes before removing.
    • Convenient to use anytime and anywhere. Even if you fall asleep, it is not going to do any damage.
  • Specification

    • Main Material: Lavender oil, Cotton Non-Woven Fabric Cloth, Stretchy Cloth.
    • Function: for Eye Beauty Health Care
    • Heat Time: 25-30 minutes
    • Steam Temperature: About 42 degrees
    • Packing: Each mask is individually wrapped
    • Efficacy: Relieve Eyes Fatigue, Moisturizing Eyes, Decrease Wrinkles, Improving Sleep.
    • Suitable For: Need to Beautify Eyes Fatigue Caused By a Long Time Using Computers, Mobile Phones and Other Electronic Screens, Learning etc.
    • Storage: Do Not Exposed Directly at the Sun and Keep In Dry and Cool Place.
  • Caution

    • Please do not use when eyes have the disease, inflammation, or scratches, swelling around the eyes, eczema and other abnormal circumstances.
    • Because of individual differences in skin sensitivity, if the temperature is too high or you feel uncomfortable, stop using it immediately.
    • It will produce hot steam in the process, so there may cause the makeup to disappear.
    • If you have used the eye drops, please wait a moment before using this product.
    • Each piece can only be used once, do not reuse.
  • Major ingredients

    Surface material: Polypropylene, polyethylene

    Heating element: contains iron powder

    This list of ingredients represents all options or variants of this product. Actual ingredients in a given product option may vary from this list. Ingredients subject to change at manufacturer's discretion. For the most complete and up-to-date list of ingredients, please refer to product packaging.